If you are new to buying wigs or hair bundles, you may have many questions. One major question which we come across from customers buying hair for the first time is "What is Virgin Hair"?

Virgin Hair is real human hair from real people. There are no mixed in synthetic fibers or animal hair. This hair is usually obtained in large bundle lots from donors in India, Cambodia and other areas. High end virgin hair is sometimes obtained from Russia and similar European nations. Some high end virgin hair comes in original color #613 Blonde while regular virgin hair will be natural black in color. The hair is not processed using any acids or chemicals. Steam, heat, sanitizers and hot water are used to sanitize, wash and shape the hair into different textures. Natural Black hair can be bleached and dyed any color. 

Virgin Hair, also referred to as Human Hair Bundles or Virgin Human Hair can be graded differently by suppliers. The most common grades of Human Hair sold in North America are 7A, 8A, 9A and 10A grade. Occasionally you may also find 5A and 6A grade hair as well. To make human hair weave, Virgin Hair is attached to hair wefts. Hair wefts are tracks on which the hair is sewn using machines. This hair is also commonly used to make wigs and has a longer life than synthetic hair. Depending on the quality, the hair may last between 6 months to 2 years with good care. 

There are many different textures of Virgin Hair. The idea is that it should mimic real hair textures. Kinky Straight Weave mimics afro blow dried hair while Kinky Curly mimics 4a textured hair. There are also tighter curled textures which mimic 4b and 4c afro hair as well. There is also Jerry Curl and the popular Body wave which is an "S" formation wave plus many others.