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Tuneesha Virgin Human Hair French Curl Lace Wig 150% Density

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Tuneesha Virgin Human Hair French Curl Lace Wig 150% Density
Item Number: TNSHGL-LF360
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French Curl Wig

If you are looking for a high quality Human Hair French Curl Wig, you need to take a look at our Tuneesha wig. This human hair wig is made from pure 100% virgin hair, is of  high quality and is available in either lace front construction or as a 360 lace wig. Our human hair weave is chemical free and all natural. This wig is high quality just like all our other human hair, so no tangling, no matting and no shedding.

Available Color: Natural Black

Density: 150%


100% Human Hair Wig

Tuneesha French Curl Wig

Virgin human Hair French Curl Wig


Hair Material: 100% Human Virgin Hair

Hair Features: Soft, no split ends, comfortable, easy to wear

Wig Stretched Lengths: 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch, 26 inch, 28 inch

Hair Quality: Top Quality Unprocessed Virgin Hair

Wig Cap Type: Lace Front, 360 Lace

Lace Parting Space: 4 inch (for lace front or 360 lace cap)

Hair Texture: French Curl

Density: 150%

Hair Color: Natural

Processing Times: In stock ships within 24-48 hours

Shipping: Free Express Shipping to USA, Canada & UK

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How to Care for Your Wig
Maintaining & Caring for Your Wig

You should shampoo your wig every 1 to 2 weeks. This will ensure that any buildup of products and residue is removed, leaving the hair clean and silky. Sulphate free shampoo is the best type to use as it avoids stripping the hair of its existing moisture and is more gentle on pre-colored hair.

1: First, saturate wig with warm water. Use a dime sized or quarter sized amount of shampoo, depending on the length and thickness of the wig.

2: Ensure that the shampoo reaches the base of the wig to remove any residue and buildup from the wig cap.
*Tip: Be very gentle. Do not rub hair excessively as this will create tangles. Treat the hair as if it were your own to ensure longevity.

3: Rinse and repeat as needed.

4: Use a light conditioner to rehydrate the wig. Be sure to let the conditioner reach the base of the hair on the wig to ensure that each strand of hair is fully coated.

5: Detangle with a wide tooth comb if the hair is straight. If the hair is curly it is better to finger comb the wig.

6: After rinsing the conditioner from the wig, use a light leave-in conditioning spray. Apply to the hair and separate the hair so that the leave-in conditioner reaches the base of the wig as well.

7: Gently dab and let the wig air dry. If it is a straight human hair wig, you can optionally blow dry it on low or place it on a mannequin head under a low-heat bonnet dryer setting.

8: It is important to keep hair moisturized to avoid snagging and tangles. To keep hair moisturized between washes, use a light leave-in conditioning spray every day and dry shampoo as needed.

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