The Many Textures of Human Hair Weave

Hair Weave comes in many textures. Some textures are more popular than others. The most popular textures that women tend to buy nowadays are straight, body wave, deep wave and kinky straight. There are also many other textures such as romance curl, funmi curl, french deep and deep curly which are not as popular but are still loved by many.

It can be intimidating to buy human hair bundles especially if you are a first time hair buyer and you are new to buying hair. Especially so if you are thinking of buying hair weave with color with no experience doing so. My advice is to start my a darker color and work your way up to lighter colors eventually. This way, you would be able to see which colors are more suited to your complexion and which colors blend more with your style.

Straight Hair is the most popular type because it literally needs no maintenance. A little flat ironing a few times a week and you are good to go. Body Wave Weave Hair Bundles is the second most popular and is also very easy to manage. You may prefer to put a deeper curl on your deep wave or wear it just as is. Either way, it will give you a beautiful texture and finished look. Deep Wave Weave is also easy to manage, but water is its friend, so it needs a little spray of water and leave in conditioner to keep those waves fresh all day. Jerry Curl. water wave and natural wave hair textures are also popular and they too like moisture.

Generally, hair which is straight can be flat ironed and needs to stay dry. Body wave also needs to stay dry, while textures such as water wave, natural wave, deep wave and kinky curly are great to wear in the winter and the wetter months because they do well with moisture.