Synthetic Wigs for Women

There are thousands of different styles and types of synthetic wigs which are available on the market. A selection of fibers are used to make synthetic women’s wigs. The popular choice of customers nowadays are synthetic wigs which can take heat; i.e. high temperature synthetic wigs. These wigs are made from Kanekalon fibers which can be rod set and immersed into hot water for a curly style or immersed into hot water without a rod set to tame stubborn flyaways. Kanekalon wigs can also be flat ironed or hot curled but heat temperatures should be set with caution.

The maximum recommended temperature to use on Kanekalon fibers is around 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Some wigs may take a slightly higher heat but be cautious and increase only slightly at a time testing on a small area to ensure that it is safe to apply the set temperature to the entire wig. A variety of textures are available including straight, wavy, curly, coily, kinky and others. Price points are affordable and with good care a synthetic wig can last a long time.