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Synthetic Black Shirley Temple Wig
Synthetic Black Shirley Temple Wig

Melicent Synthetic Black Shirley Temple Wig

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Price: $69.00
Shirley Temple Hair Wig
Item Number: STW-VIV
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Shirley Temple Wig

Buy a nice Shirley Temple Wig made from quality synthetic hair. This wig is soft, curly, bouncy and is easy to manage. This wig is made from good quality synthetic hair and can be styled to suit your individual hair style needs.

Synthetic Wig
Shirley Temple Synthetic Wig
Hair Material: 100% High Temperature Synthetic Hair
Hair Features: Soft, comfortable, easy to wear
Wig Length:
Hair Quality: Top Quality Synthetic Hair
Hair Style Type:No Lace Wig
Hair Texture: Curly Shirley Temple Curl
Hair Color: Black
Suitable for:
Cancer Patients, Alopecia, Hair Loss, Style & Fashion
Processing Times: 3-5 days
More Information:We carry high quality synthetic wigs. This black curly Shirley Temple wig and all of our other synthetic wigs are easy to manage. If you are searching for wigs for Alopecia or Wigs for Cancer Patients, these wigs are suitable as cancer wigs or for any other type of hair loss.

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