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Synthetic Curly Red Hair Wig
Synthetic Curly Red Hair Wig

Josie Synthetic Red Curly Wig

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Price: $69.00
Red Hair Curly Wig
Item Number: JSE-RM5120
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Red Curly Wig

Buy a Red Curly Wig made from quality synthetic hair. This wig is soft, long, curly, red and is a no lace wig. This red curly wig is made from good quality high temperature synthetic hair and is easy to maintain and style. 

Synthetic Wig
Curly Red Wig

Hair Material:
100% High Temperature Synthetic Hair
Length:20 inch
Hair Style Type: No Lace Wig
Hair Texture: Curly
Hair Color: Red
Suitable for: Cancer Patients, Alopecia, Hair Loss, Style & Fashion
Processing Times: 1-3 days

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