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Lizzie Brown Braided Wig

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Lizzie Brown Braided Wig

Brown Braided Wig

Meet Lizzie! A brown braided wig from our collection. This lace front wig is an Ombre Auburn Braided Lace Front Wig and is made from 100% premium high heat fibers. This braided brown wig features is a color #33 and needs minimal maintenance. 

100% Synthetic Hair
Lizzie Brown Braided Wig

Brown Braided Lace Front Wig

Hair Material: 100% Synthetic Fibers
Hair Features: Soft, no split ends, comfortable, easy to wear
Wig Length: Approximately 26 inches
Hair Quality: Top Quality Synthetic Hair
Hair Style Type: Braided Lace Front Wig
Front Lace Measurement: 13 inches x 3 inches
Hair Texture: Braided
Hair Color: Brown #33 Auburn
Suitable for: Cancer Patients, Alopecia, Hair Loss, Style & Fashion
Processing Times:3-5 days
Shipping: Standard Free Shipping to USA, Canada & UK  (10-20 days)
Other Shipping Options:Reduced Rate Expedited Shipping Worldwide
More Information:This wig allows for you to give the illusion that you are wearing a complete box braid hairstyle. If you are searching for wigs for Alopecia or Wigs for Cancer Patients, these wigs are suitable as cancer wigs or for any other type of hair loss. The hair is easy to maintain and looks like real braided hair. If you want quality braided wigs, choose this or any other similar wigs from our hair collection.