How to Take Care of Your Human Hair Wig
Nowadays, Human Hair Wigs are very popular since some of them are the Best Quality Wigs. Although they don’t need as much attention as Synthetic Wigs, they still need love and care so that you get the longest life out of them. 

Just like our real hair, Human Hair Wigs can become damaged beyond repair. If your real hair is damaged, you can easily trim or cut it, knowing that it will grow back to its original length. However, with wigs, you permanently lose the length if you are forced to cut it and the style will be forever altered. That is why taking care of your wig is so important, so that you maintain its original style, length and thickness.

Styling Tips
  • Never comb or brush a wig which feels like it is lacking moisture. This will cause the hair to break off and will damage the wig. If the wig feels dry, first apply some styling product, then style. The product will coat the hair strands and protect them from breaking.
  • Heat style with caution. Always apply heat protectant to the hair before styling. This will protect the hair from damage and seal in moisture. Some heat protectants like a good quality Argan Oil Spray can protect, while creating a beautiful sheen.
  • Avoid blow drying. Washing your wig is a must to keep it clean and looking fresh. But blow drying can be the death of your wig if done  incorrectly. It is always best to let your wig air dry, but if you are in a rush, blow dry on a low heat setting or if your dryer has a setting without heat and low air flow, that would be the best option. Remember to apply protectant prior to this step.
  • Avoid excessive heat styling as this can damage the hair.
  • Never comb or brush wigs with tight curls as this can alter the curl pattern.

Washing Routine
How often you need to wash your wig depends on how much you wear it. If you wear it everyday, it is best to wash it once a week to remove any hair product buildup and impurities which may have accumulated.
Washing your Human Hair Wig is pretty much the same process as washing your real hair, except for a few extra optional steps to keep the wig well moisturized. Here are some things you should and should not do when washing your wig:

You Should:
1. Always use a moisturizing shampoo.
2. Only use color safe shampoo if you are washing a colored wig.
3. Always follow with a deep moisturizing conditioner.
4. Optionally add a little fabric softener to the conditioner and let it sit for about an hour to infuse lost moisture.
5. Make sure to wash the caps of lace wigs and non-lace wigs properly to remove any residue and foreign materials.

You should never:
1. Brush or comb wet wigs, finger comb instead.
2. Use a harsh shampoo which will strip the wig of its moisture.
3. Use regular shampoo on a colored wig as this may strip the color, causing the color to fade.

Your wig can last possibly for years if you take good care of it. With Human Hair Wigs, you really do not need to do much. But a little care will go a long way in making sure that you get the most out of your wig!