How to Put on A Lace Front Wig without Glue (For Beginners)
If this is your first time trying a lace front wig and you are wondering what is the best way to install it without glue, then you are in the right place. But what is the best and most simple installation method for beginners? Well, read on and find out.

What is a Lace Front Wig?
It can be described as a hair unit which is made specifically for the head, is strategically covered with hair, and has lace that is placed along the entire front area of the unit from ear-to-ear. The lace can come in different measurements, but the most popular ones are 13x4 inch and 13x6 inch. Less popular sizes include 12x2, 13x2 and 13x1 inch.

Most Human Hair units come with a solid cap which the lace is attached to. If you bought a synthetic wig, it may come as a capless wig, which is a more ventilated cap that is cheaper to manufacture. No matter which one you choose, the installation process will be the same.

When Should you Buy a Wig with Lace Front?
There are several good reasons for purchasing this type of wig, but the list below has some of the most popular reasons why you should choose this type compared to the alternative.
1.You need a wig which provides a natural looking hairline
2.You require a hair unit which offers versatile styling options in the entire front area of the wig
3.You would like to wear the baby hair look with your wig
4.You need a wig that looks natural but is not as expensive as a full lace or a 360 lace wig
There are more but if any of the above fit your requirements, then a wig with lace front is a great option.

What type is best to buy?
Units can be bought with different types of lace. The two most popular types are called Swiss Lace and HD Lace. HD stands for High Definition and is more realistic looking than Swiss Lace because the holes where the hair is hand-tied are less visible. However, Swiss Lace can still look very natural and will give a look which is almost as realistic as the HD kind. Once the Swiss Lace is good quality, it can be referred to as a Glueless Lace Front Wig. HD Wigs can be referred to as the same.

How to Make your Lace Look More Realistic?
Good quality Swiss Lace will look quite natural. If your lace is not matching your scalp complexion, you can always apply a little Foundation and/or face powder which matches your scalp tone to the exposed parted area of the lace. This will give a more seamless finish. In the event that you purchase a wig with lace which is not the best quality, the holes may be larger than those with better quality lace. To solve this problem, use a small concealer brush and liquid or cream foundation which matches your scalp complexion and apply to the exposed area of the lace where you placed your part. This will fill in any areas of where holes are too visible and give you a more seamless finish.

Applying a Glueless Lace Front Wig

How Long Does it take to Put On a Lace Front Wig?
Well, it all depends on the amount of prep you are doing before placing the unit. If you are gluing or taping it down, it will take more time. There is no exact time as to how long it can take, since everyone has their own methods when it comes to installation. However, the fastest way to install a unit is to use a method which requires no adhesives. This will save time and installation will be quick.

Prepping your Head to Receive the Unit
If you will be wearing your lace front on a daily basis, it would be more convenient to keep your hair braided in small to medium sized cornrow braids. This will ensure that when you are ready to install, you can do it in a matter of minutes. It is best to wear cornrow braids under your unit because they lay flat and ensure that you do not experience any unsightly humps and bumps on your style or any buckling of your lace. Once the braids are well done, your unit will lay smoothly. The braids also act as a grip for the wig’s security combs to keep it in place all day. If you have medium length to long or very long hair, you will need to secure your ends between the cornrow bases. The best and most secure way to do this is to anchor your ends onto the cornrow bases by sewing with weaving thread and needle. This will keep the ends in place and will make sure that they do not unravel.

How to apply your Wig Cap
For the smoothest base, apply either a wig net or stocking cap on top of the corn rows. Most people prefer a nude color stocking cap because it is easier to match with different scalp tones. If it is too light in color, you can always add a little skin matching foundation and /or powder to the area of the cap where you will wear your part. If you are not planning to wear a part, then there is no need to color the cap. Once you have placed the cap on your head, pull it back about 1 ½ to 2 inches away from the hairline. This will avoid any traces of the cap showing under the lace at the hairline. Keep in mind that wig caps are reusable so if you color it once, you do not need to keep recoloring it. You can use it again and again until you are ready to dispose of it.

Placing the Wig
Nowadays, all units come with two adjustable straps at the back and some even come with a large extendable adjustable band with hook and eye connections for added security and comfort. Lace units also usually come with 4 security combs. One on the left, one on the right, one at the nape area at the back of the head, and the other at the top center where the lace starts. Here are some tips below for a quick install.
1.Adjust the straps at the back and place on your head to make sure the unit feels comfortable.
2.Once the straps are adjusted to the right tensions, loosely place the unit on the head in the correct position with the lace at the front.
3.Locate the comb at the back and secure by pushing it into the hairline under the stocking cap at the back of the head.
4.Now pull the wig forward to place tension on the back comb (just enough tension to make sure it is secure).
5.Locate the side combs and angle them upward and into the cap, allowing them to hook the cornrows underneath for more security.
6.Now that the back and side combs are secure, locate the comb at the front and secure by pushing it into the cap while allowing it to hook the braids underneath as well.
7.Make sure that the wig sits just in front of your actual hairline so that when you look under the lace, you see skin and not the cap underneath.

Now your wig should be nice and flat and the root hair on the lace should appear as though it is coming from your scalp. If the wig does not feel secure enough, you can tweak the position of the combs to secure further. If the cap underneath the lace is too visible, you can always slide it back another half inch or so. Although it may sound like a lot of steps, this whole process can be done in a matter of minutes. It really does not take a long time at all, especially if you have had lots of practice.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Non-Adhesive Wig Application
The biggest advantage with this method is that it is an easy on, easy off technique which will provide you with a natural looking hairline at the frontal upper area of the lace. The disadvantage is that if you want to expose anywhere around your ears or hairline, the lace will lift if it is not properly secured with glue or tape. Your use of this method will be determined by how you plan to wear the unit. This technique is best if you are wearing your hair down or if you want to wear it in a low ponytail at the back. It is not recommended for high ponytails, updos, or any other hairstyle which will require you to pull back large amounts of hair from the hairline. It is also not advisable for styles which require a lot of tension at the front. If you want to wear a style which requires a full hairline view, you will need to glue down or tape your wig to make sure your edges are secure and to avoid the embarrassment of your edges lifting in public.

The video below shows a quick and simple installation, which is somewhat similar to the explanation like above.

It may take you some time to master the technique. But have no fear, keep practicing how to place the wig and you will become faster at it with time. Once you master this basic installation it will only take you about 2 minutes to complete and be on your way.