How to Keep Human Hair Wigs in Place with Tape

Wig makers will do their best to make sure your wig fits and doesn't shift when worn. However, you'll also need a little extra security. You don't want it to lift out of place when a gust of wind strikes or someone inadvertently pushes against you. Using tape is a simple way to secure human hair wigs, so they stay in place all day long.


Before applying wig tape, put rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to wipe along and slightly above and below your hairline. Cleaning the area will make your skin oil-free and help the tape stick well. Pin back hairs from your hairline too, so they don't get stuck to the tape. Also, if you have sensitive skin, use scalp protector just below the hairline as a shield.


You can usually buy tape directly from wig suppliers - if you're buying online, look under the heading 'accessories.' The tape comes in strips of various lengths and is easy to use; it's similar to double-sided household tape.

Start by turning your wig inside out. Now, apply two pieces of tape to the flat area situated at the top of your hairpiece, close to the fringe. Be mindful not to catch any hair on the tape. Next, repeat the procedure at the back of the wig before peeling off the tape backing.

When the tape is situated, turn the wig the right way out and put it on, as you usually do. Make sure the hairline of the wig is where your natural hairline should be, and then feel under the fringe for the band. Press down with your fingers on the band rather than on the hair to avoid damaging it from the heat and pressure from your hands.

When it's time to remove your wig, do so by lifting it swiftly from your head with your fingers, pulling upward on the band area. Get into the habit of removing the used tape at this point, and apply fresh tape when you're ready to wear your wig again. If the tape is difficult to remove, use a Wig Tape Remover to remove all traces of tape adhesive.

You can securely fit your wig using tape; it will stay in place whether you're riding a horse or going out in string wind. Knowing it won't move will boost your confidence and help you enjoy your day.