Hairstyles with Crochet Braids can be easily created in less than half the time it takes to do a full individually braided style. Crochet hair comes in many different textures, styles, colors and lengths and is one of the best protective styles in existence.

1. Pre-Braided Box Braids Crochet Hair
Pre-Braided Crochet Hair comes in a variety of color variations. This style gives the illusion of a fully braided hairstyle. This type of hair is available in many solid and ombre colors including two-toned and three tone variations. Box Braid also come in different thicknesses and different lengths. This hair is very popular since it can be installed in less than half the time it takes to do individual box braids and it is low maintenance. The hair comes with the top of each strand pre-looped, to allow for easy and speedy installation. An advantage of this hairstyle is that there is less stress on the thin hair around the hairline, so the chances of  hairline hair loss is virtually eliminated. 

2. Twist Braid Crochet Braids
Twist Braid Crochet Braids are similar to pre-braided box braids hair. The only difference is that this hair is twisted instead of braided. This hairstyle, just like the pre-braided box braids, is an excellent protective style and is long lasting. This hair is low maintenance and twists come in different thicknesses and lengths. These braids come in many colors, ranging from solid, to ombre two toned to ombre three toned colors.

3. Faux Locs
There are different types of Faux Locs which can be easily installed with a crochet hook. Faux Locs come in different lengths and colors and can be used to create a variation of hairstyles. Types include straight, curly and crimped. They are versatile and can be worn down for an everyday look or in an updo for a more sophisticated look. 

4. Short Spiral Curl Crochet Braids
This hairstyle is very easy to maintain and gives a short curly straw set look. This hair comes with a stretched length of 13.5 inches and is a nice afro look style for everyday wear. These crochet braids are available in several colors to suit your style.

5. Dreadlocks
Dreadlock braids have become very popular. They are easy to install and allow for a polished dreadlock look without the hassle of regular salon visits which are associated with real dreadlocks. They can be styled to look very elegant and come in a range of lengths, colors and different dreadlock textures.

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