In years past, the younger generation including Millennials won’t have been caught alive or dead wearing a grey wig. Grey wigs were seen as a thing for older women of baby boomer age and not for the young or the young at heart. Actually, wigs in general were frowned upon by many younger ladies and were not seen as a way to make a fashion statement, but perhaps to correct a case of Alopecia or some other type of hair loss issue. A hairpiece or a weave were the in-thing back then for younger ladies and that is as far as it went for the Millennial generation where hair alterations were concerned.

Over the years, trends have dramatically changed. It is as though multiple generations have fused their fashion trends into one common bubble. There are now a lot of shared trends amongst the different generations. As the world turns, women in general have the urge to be more fashion forward. In a modern society where advancing technologies have led to many positive possibilities in the beauty and fashion industry, women and girls of all ages are taking advantage of the commonalities which intertwine their generations.

As you come across the discoveries which are resident on various pictorial social media platforms, you will notice that grey wigs are now being worn by everyone. Just do a general browsing on Instagram or YouTube and you will see many images of women of all ages proudly rocking multiple styles of grey wigs.

I wonder why it took so long for younger ladies to realize that grey wigs should become a hot commodity. It’s as though they knew for some time, but were hesitant to rock such a bold color. I personally think that Grey wigs are gorgeous on all skin tones and they make a statement. **A positive one.