Grey Wigs are In!

Posted by Sharon on 6/30/2018
Grey Wigs are In!

In years past, the younger generation including Millennials won’t have been caught alive or dead wearing a grey wig. Grey wigs were seen as a thing for older women of baby boomer age and not for the young or the young at heart. Actually, wigs in general were frowned upon by many younger ladies and were not seen as a way to make a fashion statement, but perhaps to correct a case of Alopecia or some other type of hair loss issue. 

Why Human Hair Weaves are better Installed as Sew-Ins than Bonded with Hair Glue

Posted by on 5/14/2018

There are a plethora or reasons why people prefer sew-ins vs installs with hair glue or vice versa. Hair glue installs are faster as a quick weave can be installed in under an hour, while a sew-in would take a bit longer. However, although hair glue installs are faster, they are not as long lasting.

Synthetic Wigs for Women

Posted by on 5/6/2018

There are thousands of different styles and types of wigs for women which are available on the market. A selection of fibers are used to make synthetic women’s wigs.

Lace Front Wigs

Posted by on 4/7/2018
Anyone and everyone who is a wig lover knows that owning lace front wigs is a must. 

Crochet Braids Protective Styling

Posted by on 3/29/2014
With many women going natural nowadays, Crochet Braids are an excellent alternative for protective styling. Styling natural hair can be time consuming and often times frustrating. With the many demands of daily life including work, school, grocery shopping, the kids, the husband and housekeeping, hair maintenance can quickly fall at the bottom of your list of things to do. 
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