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Bald Head Mannequin
Bald Head Mannequin

Bald Mannequin Head

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Price: $55.00
Item Number: BMH-XM7514
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Bald Mannequin Head

Buy a Bald Mannequin Head, suitable for wig making and any other suitable cosmetology purpose. This mannequin head has eyelashes, is made with PVC and is bald with a soft surface. Easy use with T-Pins for wigs or to display hats and headwear. Buy this Bald Mannequin Head with Stand or without the stand.

Optional Accessories:
Tripod - Made from Advanced custom 3-stage aluminum alloy
Table Clamp - Made from hard plastic

Bald Head Mannequin
Product Type:Mannequin Head
Special Features:Has Eyelashes
Processing Times:1-3 days